Dutch language for BIG registration

Published on 20 January 2021 at 10:53

If you want to work as a dentist in the Netherlands, you need the so-called "BIG registration" (BIG-registratie). This is an entry in a register here in the Netherlands that confirms that you have the required professional knowledge and language background. Especially the latter is often lacking. That is why I offer you to learn / improve and practise the Dutch language with me. I will prepare you for the language exam that you have to take as a dentist in Utrecht.


The exam consists of four parts:

1. summary of an article from the medical field

2. presentation of what you have read to a jury of experts

3. patient interview

4. writing a doctor's letter.


All four parts have to be done in Dutch. I will prepare you so that you develop a routine in this. I will also be there for you in the evenings, after you have done your work in the practice. Please feel free to contact me. I will help you further. +31 (0) 27 20 7138.



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