Dentist-related Dutch language training 


After a long day at the dentist's office, you don't always feel like working through the boring Dutch language exercises in the language learning book and possibly having to get creative yourself. Nevertheless, you need to learn the Dutch language in order to be allowed to practise as a dentist in the Netherlands. This is because only dentists who have a BIG-registration are allowed to practice dentistry in the Netherlands. So it will be essential to learn the Dutch language. So that the road is not quite so rocky, we prepare language exercises for you that relate to everyday life in the dental practice right from the start. Using the example of a continuous lesson story, which deals with the daily work in the fictitious dental practice of Doctor De Vries, you will learn typical sentence constructions in Dutch, including grammatical peculiarities, so that you will feel completely at home in the language and in a Dutch dental practice in the shortest possible time. With our scenario-based method you can build up your language skills from A0 to C1. After you have mastered the basics of Dutch, it's all about exam preparation. We prepare you for the AKV-exam. After you have passed the AKV-exam, you can have your entry in the BIG register, which authorises you to practise as a dentist in the Netherlands.


About the language class

Your language training takes place online via the communication tool Zoom. At the first meeting, we set up a learning plan for you and conduct a language assessment. Afterwards, we create the teaching material for you to measure. It is based entirely on your personal needs and previous knowledge. In the second lesson, you will receive two of the tailor-made exercises, which we will go through together during the lesson. At home, you will receive a homework assignment in which the learning material from the exercises will be deepened again. In the third lesson, we first discuss the homework and you receive two new exercises. Again, there will be a homework assignment to repeat what you have learned, which will be discussed in the next lesson. In this way, you build up your Dutch language competence step by step and approach your final goal, the AKV exam, the passing of which is a prerequisite for obtaining the BIG registration.